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As our church has gathered funds for our 140th anniversary, it is our duty as a non-profit and as a church to be completely transparent about the way in which these funds are spent. As you know, and as was originally outlined, our fundraising efforts were born out of our desire to celebrate 140 years of service to our Lord and King Jesus Christ here in this valley. The hopeful outcome of the fundraising was that the church might be able to make some necessary renovations. As we look towards the future and anticipate another 140 years of service we have had nearly a dozen contractors analyze the churches condition and situation so as to ensure that we ensue the best possible plan of action.

After much prayer and the inquiry of many professional advisors our leadership team has decided upon the following plan of action.

1) The Kershaw Education Building is in the most dire state and must be addressed immediately (we will be signing an agreement tomorrow to begin the procedures for replacing this roof).

2) After professionals analyzed the Sanctuary Roof they stated that the sanctuary roof will last longer than initially thought. If the proper procedures are undergone, they believe it could last another 5-10 years.  Starting next week, therefore, Cedar Shakes across the roof will be repaired and replaced in accordance with professional recommendations. The sanctuary roof will also be covered with linseed oil to preserve the existing materials and the bell tower will be repaired. It was a hard decision for our leadership team, to decide to go with basic repairs, but based off of the advice we received, we fully believe it to be the most economical decision. Basic repairs will allow us to get the most out of the existing roof while we get architectural advice, proper materials, and continue saving towards a complete repair (this process may take several years, but it is in the works and we will continue providing updates).

3) The Manse is the home that the church owns and provides for its pastor. This roof is similar in state to the Education Building. The goal is to finish repairs on this roof before Winter sets in.

4) Our fundraising has brought many great non-profits into our church such as Habitat for Humanity and Just Serve as well as other independent contractors. These groups have volunteered to help us make some major and necessary improvements to our church grounds free of charge. Improvements will include, but not be limited to: replacing damaged ceiling tiles, replacing damaged entrance ramps, sealing the sanctuary windows, painting projects across the church grounds, replacing/repairing broken swamp coolers, power washing the building, replacement of corroding sewage lines, and replacement of two windows in the sanctuary.

All funds donated with specific memo’s for roof repairs will be explicitly used on the repair and replacement of the three pending roof projects. These funds have been placed in a special account for this specific purpose. In regards to the additional needs (that have sprouted up as the project has gained momentum and as we have inquired professional advice) the church will pull from its own savings and/or use funds that had a special memo annotating that they were for ‘renovations’ or ‘to be used according to the churches discernment’.

08/31/18 Update on Renovations

Today we signed the check and handed it over to S & S Roofing. They will be replacing the roof on the Education building. This project should begin shortly!

Construction will begin on the Sanctuary Roof and Bell Tower September 10th!

Past Events

We express our deepest gratitude for all of those who joined with us for these terrific and momentous occasion’s. We truly cherish the fellowship and friendships that were cultivated during the celebration of our 140th anniversary. If you’d like to see live videos of the events please check out our Facebook page @AFpresbyterian for video 1) click here, video 2) click here


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