EZEKIEL 47 DWELLING DEEPER: “Now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen. . .a river that no one could cross.”

The next six weeks leading up to the Advent Season will be spent going through Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48! WE ARE LOOKING TO DIGGING INTO THIS BOOK TOGETHER THROUGHOUT THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!

Beloved, there are two currents that tug at us each moment of every day. One of them is the current of this world, the chaos, the stress, the busyness, and the overbearing demands. There is another current however that is more gentle, one that beckons us deeper, one that TRULY SATISFIES. God is calling us to dwell deep. To push against the tides of this world, and devote ourselves to dwelling in Him.

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 47

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