07/29/18 When The World Presses in and Your Faith Doesn’t Stand Strong, What Do You Do?

07/29/18 1 Corinthians 11:1-13 Syncretism: A Compromised Gospel. This message looks into what kind of lifestyle and thought processes lead to a compromised faith in Christ. Jesus this message looks at the very reason Jesus was born and the very reason he came into the world!!
This message addresses everything from Post-Modernism to Millennial’s, to the None’s (a group of young people rising up in our nation who have been so disheartened by Christianity and religion that they claim to believe in nothing), looking deeply at how we as Christians have failed to be witnesses of the gospel for the next generation. We hope that this teaching can enable you as a christian to understand, relate to, and ultimately love these groups of people while strengthening both your faith and your witness.

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