Kids Preregistration

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75 N 100 E, American Fork, UT 84003 …  click here for directions 

Weekly Schedule


Widows and Widowers Grief Support Group 6:30p.m.

House of Hope Grief Counseling for the loss of loved ones 6-8p.m.


Book Club 6:30p.m. First Tuesday of the Month

Many of our people love books. The leader of this group is a lifelong connoisseur of good literature. The books we have read so far have led to delightful and insightful conversation. This group meets the first Tuesday of the month to discuss what they’ve read. They typically read one book per month.

Sex Addicts Anonymous 6:30 p.m. Weekly


Circles Community Action Initiative: A Poverty Relief Program 5:30-7:30


Prayer & Worship 12 to 1 p.m.

Prayer is very important and is at the heart of our church. We therefore host a prayer & worship night every second and last Thursday of the month, at from 6:30PM – 8PM. We gather to pray for people in our congregation, lift our community up to the Lord and encounter God in an intimate setting. Everybody is welcome to join. Click here to learn more.

Boy Scouts of America 6:30p.m.


Womens Prayer Group 11:00a.m.

The group of women meeting on Friday mornings has developed into a true powerhouse. In these gatherings, God is earnestly sought, the Bible gets opened and there is room for all your questions and all your challenges. A tidal wave of love, these women stand by each other in every storm and in every mountain top experience. Please feel welcome to join anytime on Fridays, 10 AM. To get a quick impression of the group, please click here.

Bible Study 12- 1:00 p.m.

Join us every Friday as we dig into the word together. Fridays from 12 to 1 p.m.

Prayer Walk 1:00 to 2 p.m.


Food Addicts Anonymous 9:00 a.m.


10:00 Sunday School for Adults and Children

11:00-12:15 Worship Service

Youth Events After Church

Hispanic Church 3 to 5p.m.

Cocaine Addicts Anonymous 6:30p.m.

We love our youth and are always trying to add on more events, or should we say…they are! We have a small but enthusiastic group of youth that are nearly unstoppable. Visit our youth event page to learn more about what they’re currently planning.

Christmas, Easter, and other annual events

Please feel welcome to join us when we celebrate the highlights of Christ’s life and rejoice in our Savior in our Christmas, Easter and Pentecost worship services. Aside from that, we love to honor a number of other special holidays throughout the year, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other wonderful events on the liturgical calendar, such as Ash Wednesday, Lent, Maundy Thursday and more. Our services are always open to everyone and we would love to have you worship with us. If you’d like to learn more about our next Church Holiday, please visit this page.

Renovation Updates

Our church has been around for more than 140 years and in July 2018 we threw a wonderful birthday party! Our church building, however, showed a few signs of wear, after 140 years of faithful service. The congregation organized some fundraisers throughout 2018, joined by a wonderful group of neighbors and friends. We were overwhelmed with the kindness shown to us and the generosity bestowed upon us. We would love to keep all our generous donors up to date through this page, which also contains the latest statement on the status of the renovation project on the buildings and grounds.

75 N 100 E, American Fork, UT 84003 …  click here for directions 

“Utah for Jesus” Outreach Event

An annual outreach in which churches from across Utah gather together in unity under the name of Jesus. This year we had 16 churches and 25 pastors join together to spread the love of Jesus across 10 cities in 10 days. click the link for more info on the event.

If you’d like to learn more about what events our church hosts and what other meetings take place in our building, you may also want to consult our church calendar.

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