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Beverly Rosche: Missions

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 Laura Mitchell

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Pamela Spitzer: Christian Education

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PASTOR Mike Heil & Denise


Pastor Mike served a total of four years doing mission work in Southern Africa, China, and Eastern Europe. During this time he worked with and was trained by organizations such as Operation Mobilization and YWAM (the worlds two biggest short term mission organizations). He successfully completed the Discipleship Training School by YWAM and upon the completion of four years of service returned to the United States to finish his Masters degree in Missiology and Spiritual Formation from Wheaton College in Illinois. His graduate studies at Wheaton were conducted in the Billy Graham Center where Billy Graham himself went to school to get trained for the ministry. Michael’s undergraduate work was in Psychology at the University of Utah. He has served as pastor of American Fork Presbyterian Church since July of 2016 and was officially Commissioned by the Presbytery of Utah in June of 2017.

His heart for missions makes him a practical and hands-on type of person who believes that the gospel changes hearts and transforms lives. His heart is to reach the local community affected by addiction. To partner with the city in addressing the opidemic, and offer a path to a better life. He believes that everything we read about in the bible really happened. He believes God can still do those same things in us and in our community. And if we look through history we can see saints of God from every generation who stood up, gave God their all, and were used by Him to do the same things and even greater things than what we read about in the bible (just as Jesus promised in John 14). This isn’t wishful thinking, this is history. Recovered life isn’t just a matter of sobriety. People can still be sober and empty. Recovered life is a fullness of life that pours out, overflows, and encapsulates even the most twisted of souls into a grace that changes everything. This regenerated life isn’t for the faint of heart. God doesn’t give us instant escape keys or magic buttons to make everything perfect. Life is messy and God is real with that.


Our God is not disillusioned with our sin or brokenness, He is omniscient. He knows every fault, every flaw, and every little thing that weighs heavy on our souls. And He died to heal those. To bring life into those areas and those things, to heal the inner crevices of our hearts! As Romans 5:8 says, “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” He knows we’re sinners and He doesn’t try to hide or deny that fact. Neither should the church! Neither should Christians! By hiding our sins and acting like we are perfect we only feel empty and disillusioned inside. This atmosphere turns church from a hospital for the sick into a social club for the proud of heart. It takes the power out of Christian living.

If we want God to use us we have to trust His Word and base our lives upon it. We can’t be selective in which verses we apply. When we play pick and choose we are subjugating the Word of God and wisdom of God beneath the puny knowledge of man. We apply verses like 1 John 1:9 which says “confess your sins to God and He will be faithful to cleanse you of all unrighteousness”, while ignoring scriptures like James 5:16 “confess your sins to your brother and darkness will lose its stronghold over you.” We hide our sins from our brothers and sisters because we fear man more than God. We want to look good before other people and so we hide beneath a mask and bury darkness deep within us.

We wonder why sin does not lose it’s stronghold over us while we actively refuse to obey scripture because it cripples our pride. When we obey the scripture, we actively humble ourselves, and we realize how much Jesus has truly done for us and how little we can accomplish apart from Him. Lets proactively address our sins, not reactively confess to them as they gradually infest our souls. Lets dig into the type of fellowship that says, I am nothing without Jesus, but in Him I have authority over all powers and principalities (Ephesians 2).  The type of fellowship that knows and stands on the grace of God to actively stand against the plots and schemes of the enemy. The type of fellowship that knows its weaknesses and makes accountability plans to face them. The type of fellowship in which deep, vulnerable relationships are the norm so that no person need go through their trials on their own. We all have trials. We all have sin. We all have bad seasons and we all have good ones. But we don’t need to face any of them alone. So as scripture admonishes, “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles” (Hebrews 12:1-3).

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