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Online or In-Person: Whether you prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, during your commute, or through your headphones while doing chores at home we’ve got options. If you need a touch of encouragement or have any questions that need to be addressed join one of our live study’s where Pastor Mike does his best to address every comment from every participant fully. Through our FB live videos you will find a safe place to build an online community or if you prefer to make new friends in person, our doors are always open to you!

Online Bible Study is recorded so that you can listen to it any time on the go or join us to say hi and ask your questions. This study takes 52 weeks to do an overarching search of what the Bible really says and teaches. It spans from Genesis to Revelation. Every FRIDAY 12-1p.m.

Online Prayer Group is the same way. Please use our contact page to share your prayer requests with us so we can be praying for you. Every THURSDAY 12-1p.m.

Sunday Worship Service is available here or you can watch it live on the church FB page while commenting and interacting with the group. Every SUNDAY 11-12:15

Fun Fact: Not only was the Music Video below filmed at our church but so was the original movie Footloose with Kevin Bacon. We are the Footloose Church, we are still shaking things up, but more so spiritually now than through Hollywood movies. We’ve been meeting every week to worship Jesus for 142 years without fail but I promise we’re not outdated!

Prayer Group: Why do Riots, Covid, and Chaos Happen if God is Sovereign?

Sample Bible Study [Video Below] More Videos here

Sample Prayer Meeting [Video Below] More videos here

In-Person Visits\

Directions: Click here for google maps… Address 75 N 100 E, A.F. UT 84003

Dress: people at our church dress in a whole variety of ways, you can expect to see the majority of people dressed comfortably and casually. Jeans, slacks, a button-up shirt, a sweatshirt, a dress shirt, a dress, a skirt, a cardigan, or shorts and a t-shirt are all acceptable to wear here.

Atmosphere: The most important thing is to come wearing a bright and excited heart. It is our greatest delight to worship Jesus together. You can expect contemporary worship songs, old hymns, liturgical readings (prayers of response that are spoken in dialogue), a good message about the hope we have in Jesus, genuine and heartfelt prayer and usually some good coffee, snacks, and fellowship afterward.

What to Expect? The people you will meet here are full of love and care. We seek to serve others and we know that everyone has hurt and everyone has struggles. We accept each other in the hurt, struggles and trials, and we are very aware that none of us are perfect. This church is a place for those who trust in Jesus not in themselves. It is a place where people aren’t labeled, all people have brokenness, and church is where we heal from it, not hide from it.

Address: 75 N 100 E, American Fork UT 84003

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