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Dress: people at our church dress in a whole variety of ways, you can expect to see the majority of people dressed comfortably and casually. Jeans, slacks, a button-up shirt, a sweatshirt, a dress shirt, a dress, a skirt, a cardigan, or shorts and a t-shirt are all acceptable to wear here.

Atmosphere: The most important thing is to come wearing a bright and excited heart. It is our greatest delight to worship Jesus together. You can expect contemporary worship songs, old hymns, liturgical readings (prayers of response that are spoken in dialogue), a good message about the hope we have in Jesus, genuine and heartfelt prayer and usually some good coffee, snacks, and fellowship afterward.

What to Expect? The people you will meet here are full of love and care. We seek to serve others and we know that everyone has hurt and everyone has struggles. We accept each other in the hurt, struggles and trials, and we are very aware that none of us are perfect. This church is a place for those who trust in Jesus not in themselves. It is a place where people aren’t labeled, all people have brokenness, and church is where we heal from it, not hide from it.

Address: 75 N 100 E, American Fork UT 84003

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