We will spend the six weeks leading up to the Advent Season going through Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48! WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO DIGGING INTO THIS BOOK TOGETHER THROUGHOUT THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! Check out the first five sermons of the Ezekiel Series Below.

(7) Nov 26th Coming This Sunday!

(6) Nov 19th The Altar: Where Are You Seeking Refuge?

God is calling us to be intimate with Him. This week we learned about Adonijah the son of David who got himself into a lot of trouble when he tried to glorify himself and exalt his own life. Often Satan tries to trick us into believing that we have a right to certain things. He coerces us into claiming these things and the result is that we often fix our hope in these things and not in God. We find ourselves angry when God does not give us what we feel we deserve. What is your heart and hope fixed in? Adonijah found that his own plans and schemes only led to his own demise. He ended up running from the law, running as a fugitive, yet in his desperate state he found hope at the horns of the altar. No matter how messed up we think we are or how great we think we are, our hearts need some serious re-calibration.

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 1; Matthew 9:10-13

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(5) Nov 12th The Altar: The Place Where Sin and Sinner Are Made New; A Look Into the Old Testament

This week we talked about the burdens that build up within people over the years. Sometimes we hang on to struggles or experiences for 5, 10, 15 years. These struggles or experiences build up and become an unbearable weight. The altar, is the one place we can come to lay down these burdens. The only problem is that after we lay down our burdens we often find ourselves picking them up again the moment we leave God’s presence. Jesus says “come to me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus is the only one who can give us the rest, hope, and relief that we need. But we need to learn how to approach Him, and how to lay these things down for good. This message will present you with tools for approaching the altar and making sure that the burdens and pains that you leave at the altar actually stay there!

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Scripture: Genesis 28:10-22; Genesis 31:44-48; 51-52

(4) Nov 5th The Altar: The Place Where Sin and Sinner Are Made New; An Overview

This weeks message was from Ezekiel 39, which talks about taking responsibility for our shame and unfaithfulness. In guilt and shame people often try to hide their faults and struggles, but in these verses God clearly describes that in order for us to enter into His peace and His promises, we must be able to be open about our faults and struggles. WE MUST NOT LIVE ASHAMED LIVES!!! Paul said i’m not ashamed of the gospel. Paul was not ashamed to call himself the least of all the apostles, Paul was totally accountable for his shame and unfaithfulness, He wasn’t trying to hide it. The gospel is the good news about Jesus, not us. If the gospel were about us and our performance it would not be good news at all. The gospel is that I COULD NOT, but CHRIST COULD. The gospel is that I am rotten but Christ is righteous in my behalf. The gospel is good news precisely because its not about us. Church is the one place where confessing our shame and unfaithfulness should actually be good news. BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT US!!! Praise God!!

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Scripture Ezekiel 39:25-29

(3) October 29th PSALM 1; EZEKIEL 1 Planting Our Roots Where They Won’t Wither

This week Pastor Mike talked about how God has called the church to be set-apart (holy). How God doesn’t desire perfect people, but set-apart people. Jesus Christ broke down the barriers that stood in-between us and God. Jesus Christ removed the need for the temple structure. Jesus Christ redeemed a people that they might be filled with God’s very own Holy Spirit. A regenerated people, not caught up in civilian affairs, but totally preoccupied in their devotion to the one who died to give them new life.

We talked about the process of daily rooting ourselves in God as well as some of the various ways in which God makes himself known to us in daily life.

Scripture: Psalm 1; Ezekiel 1

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(2) October 22nd EZEKIEL 47 DWELLING DEEPER: “Now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen. . .a river that no one could cross.”

Beloved, there are two currents that tug at us each moment of every day. One of them is the current of this world, the chaos, the stress, the busyness, and the overbearing demands. There is another current however that is more gentle, one that beckons us deeper, one that TRULY SATISFIES. God is calling us to dwell deep. To push against the tides of this world, and devote ourselves to dwelling in Him.

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 47

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(1) October 15th EZEKIEL 41 God is calling us as a church to dwell in deeper intimacy with Him!! Lets step together into His Inner Courts!

Beloved church, I believe that God is calling us to come and dwell in His inner courts. He desires to commune with us in profound and meaningful ways. There are many things hindering and preventing us from living in this type of intimacy. Together lets stand up, and claim the abundance, peace, and true rest that the world has stolen from us. Together lets stand up and give our private life, our work life, and our inner thoughts towards dwelling in God’s abundance and meeting Him in the quiet place!

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 44

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01 quiet place, the inner courts



(13) September 3rd Romans 8 Children of God: Learning to Rule and Reign in our thoughts About Ourselves by Learning to Die to our Sinful Nature. 

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Scripture Reading: Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 4:1-5

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(12) August 27th. Learning to Let our True Self be True to God: Wrestling with the Flesh in the Authority of Christ. This weeks topic contains some really difficult stuff to wrestle with, but I pray that it will be a challenging lesson that will spark life, encouragement, and tremendous strength within you so that you can step with God together towards breakthrough!! Click Here to Listen

Scripture Reading: Romans 7

01 Romans 7-23 Dealing with Sin

(11) August 20th Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood: Dare to be a Disciple! The gift is free, Maturity is Expensive. Click here to listen to yesterdays Sermon. I pray and hope that it will bless you tremendously!

Scripture: John 14:5-27

01 pt. 5 disciples

(10) AUGUST 13th, 2017. . . Hey all, if you missed yesterdays message please check it out here! I pray and believe it will bless you tremendously!! It continues on the theme of what it means to be a son or daughter of God and speaks heavily about the role of the Holy Spirit in both enabling and guiding through this process. MAY YOU BE BLESSED BY THE POWER AND THE BEAUTY AND THE MIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!



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Two weeks ago (July 23rd) we started talked about Sonship vs. Servanthood. Our first message was about what it means to be citizens of Christs coming Kingdom. The Second Message (July 30th) was about Christ the son, the Incarnation, and His accomplishments on the cross which have brought us into adoption as children of God. This week focuses heavily on the Father and how to operate as sons and daughters. What role does the law play? How do we find the balance? Click Here  if you would like to hear the message !

Scripture Reading: Galatians 3 and Luke Chapter 15

01 sonship, servanthood, and daughtership


(8) July 30th, 2017 PT. 2 Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood:

Escaping from a Servant Mentality and Living as Children of the Inheritence. Click Here

Scripture Reading: Galatians 3

01 sonship



OVERCOMING THE POWER OF SIN PART 4: What it Means to be a Son or Daughter and Not a Servant, An Intro to Servanthood and Sonship. Click here to Listen

Scripture Reading: John 8:31-47 & Galatians 4:1-9

01 faith not works.jpg


(6) July 16th, 2017 OVERCOMING THE POWER OF SIN PART 3: Fighting for Faith that Leads to Transformation. No Longer Under the Domain of Darkness but Raised to New Life in Christ, Placed in the Kingdom of Light, Equipped and Trained with the Authority of Christ.  Click here to Listen

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:19-2:10, Romans 6:1-23, Collosians 1

01 from darkness to light.jpg


(5) OVERCOMING THE POWER OF SIN PART 2 July 9th, 2017: Re-defining Sin as that Which Separates us from God, our Busyness, our Work, our obligations. Is He Really First in Our Lives, First in All That We Do? Click Here To Listen

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(4) FOR OVERCOMING THE POWER OF SIN July 2nd, 2017: Jesus Sacrificed His Life on Your Behalf, Whats Your Response? Click Here To Listen To the Message

Scriptures: Genesis 22:1-14; 15:4-10 ; Romans 6:12-23 ; Hebrews 11:8-12; 17-19


(3) FOR PENTECOST SERIES June 25, 2017. . .  Equipped, Empowered, Restored, and Commissioned: Humankind’s Fall at Babel and its Restoration at Pentecost. Click here to listen 

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(2) FOR PENTECOST SERIES June 18th, 2017: The Last Adam, The Last of The Broken Lineage, and The New Creation Initiator.  Click here to listen    SCRIPTURES: Genesis 3-4, Romans 5.



(1) FOR PENTECOST SERIES June 11, 2017: Trinity Sunday: Mankind is made in the image of the Trinity, Eikons, God-bearers. We are made in the image of unity, eternal, and divine love. We have been entrusted with the task of reigning over Gods creation and mediating His presence to the world around us. Click here to hear more.     SCRIPTURES: Genesis 1, Psalm 8, Jeremiah 23:9, Deuteronomy 32:11

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The Holy Spirit

  • Who is the Holy Spirit and why is he important to me? What has been the role of the Holy Spirit in History? What does it look like to walk with the Holy Spirit? Click here to hear Sermon



  • Faith and Hope: The natural disposition of mankind is not faith, it is doubt. How do thoughts of doubt subconsciously plague our hearts? The bible teaches that the battle for our souls takes place in the Spiritual. God’s desire is to win over our heart of hearts, the deepest part of the human sould. How does the gospel bring us hope in every situation? And what is preventing us from experiencing the Hope that God promises to His children? BEFORE LISTENING TO SERMON PLEASE READ THE ASSOCIATED SCRIPTURES: Hebrews 1:1-19 Click here for sermon


  • Faith and Love: What if the number one thing that is preventing us from receiving and walking in God’s love is our strenuous efforts to be pious and pure? The Gospel is not about us, if it were it would not be good news. BEFORE LISTENING TO SERMON PLEASE READ THE ASSOCIATED SCRIPTURES: Hebrews 11:32 – 12:11 Click here for sermon


  • Faith and Joy: Satan’s greatest weapon is not sex, drugs, addiction, money or power. His greatest weapon is discouragement. Discouragement plagues the soul and cuts us off from the joy of God. BEFORE LISTENING TO SERMON PLEASE READ THE ASSOCIATED SCRIPTURES: Matthew 2:1-12; John 6:1-15 Click here for sermon


  • Christmas, the incarnation of Hope eternal, Peace unending, and Love manifold: The Christmas message is that God went to infinite lengths to be with us, that somehow, someway, we might go to some length to be intentional about living in Him. Christmas means that Christ is with us. God came down into the midst of our messyness and chaos. He placed himself here on our planet in a way that our finite human minds might tangibly conceive Him, that somehow we might see and understand what it means to love. Christmas means that God almighty, made Himself dependent on man. The universe maker, dependent on us. Christmas means that the gap is bridged, hope has arrived, and God will stop at nothing short of infinite lengths to bridge the gaps into our hearts and lives. BEFORE LISTENING TO SERMON PLEASE READ THE ASSOCIATED SCRIPTURES: 1 John 1: 1-4; Matthew 1:18- 25 Click here for the Sermon